Tantra Body De-armouring Tutorials Completed Course

Tantra Body De-armouring Tutorials Completed Course 4.5 out of 5 based on 23 ratings.

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Tantric Bodywork ***For all enquires regarding Tantra, it’s essential we connect over the phone first.

I believe our bodies’ can hold old hurts, unhelpful emotions and experiences and that we can clear these through body de-armouring, leading us to a healthier, fuller life.

Body De Armouring body work begins by working with your life-force energies that were interrupted by certain procedures. When the energies are left to their own devices that leaves us vulnerable to manipulation.

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armouring Tutorials Course Download, Tantra Body De-armouring Tutorials Review The Urban Tantra Experience is a brand new series of workshops from Barbara Carrellas. You can use the buttons above to filter the courses by level.

Tribal Tantra is a Month Long training experience using Tantric Ceremony,

De-Armouring – Physical touch/massage on the external and internal body which supports the receiver in release wounds and trauma stored in the body from this life time and previous.

Training Course Cost: $2,490 (Early Pay price $1,990 if paid in full by January 1.

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