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She is certified by Gabrielle Bernstein as a Spirit Junkie Masterclass trainer and has completed business mentor Amanda Frances’s life coaching program. For more information, visit: www.

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Daymond John – Daymond On Demand Youtube Daymond’s keynote address on how to negotiate effectively at work and at home received overwhelming praise from conference attendees. Daymond John is a fantastic speaker that will be an asset to any event. Daymond is an especially good fit for a business or corporate team, enhancing important communication skills. The series airs Mondays at 10:00

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Without the voice, you can’t start training, but without the rest of these things, you can’t have a career! David Pountney, opera director.

but when learned you are free to connect your mind and spirit and express your inner emotions through a voice that moves the listener and every.

Time for your event marketing and promoting masterclass! We cover PR, media, promotions, social media, VIPs.

learn and heal. I hope to continue to work with Yvette Luciano and Earth HQ for many years to come.” Gabrielle Bernstein.

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Any compromises in sound quality – and Rostron says she'd love to make a "proper disco album" one day, with full Chic strings instead of digital plug-ins – were justified by showing that it can be done. "I try not to get cynical or browbeaten," says Rostron, a tough, positive outlook that shines through on her album.

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